Eventualities, an event planning and production company, has been decorating the Louisville scene (and beyond) since 1995. Diana Polsgrove and her daughter, Virginia Hart, own, operate, and direct the never-ending fun. It’s a good bet you’ve seen or experienced their work at Derby festivities, along the Waterfront with Battle of the Bounce, and at various festivals around the area. Along with Virginia’s daughter, Shelby, and a talented team of designers, Eventualities delivers excitement and entertainment as Louisville’s premier event company!

SLG: Tell us a little about Eventualities. How did you get started?

DP & VH: We started off as a balloon décor company. Balloon décor was HUGE in the ‘90s for parties and events. We had a great opportunity to work with many fantastic companies in Louisville, such as Baptist Hospital East and Jewish Hospital. They were our first clients! Over the next few years, the business took off. We morphed from a balloon decorating gig to a full-on event planning company in about six years. We acquired a few businesses along the way, along with décor, furniture, employees, and a warehouse to store it all in!

SLG: 2001 to 2003 was a tough time for you ladies. How did that shape you personally and professionally?

DP & VH:  Diana – That the time my husband had a stroke.  It made us more aware of how fragile life is, and why it is so important to help people celebrate the happy moments.  We learned to work harder, smarter, faster, and juggle every facet of our lives.

Virginia – When my dad had the stroke, the fact that we ran a family-owned business was critical. It wouldn’t have worked if she (Mom) just had a regular corporate job.

SLG: How in the world did you build five twenty-foot glaciers for the Coors Brewing Company?!  

DP & VH:  DP – We designed it with structural engineers and had molds made for the four pieces in Canada.  It was then shipped to Nebraska where five sets were cast, painted, and shipped out. The big can came from a custom inflatable company out of California with whom we had worked for several years.

SLG: If each of you could pick one favorite thing about Eventualities, what would it be?

DP & VH:  Diana – By far…the diversity of what we do.  From in-home parties to international events, we have done a little bit of everything.  Our days are unpredictable, and we often do a 360° turn to accommodate our clients.

Virginia: Definitely…every day is different. Every hour of every day is new in our world. This is never a boring job!

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