Stone Legal Group, PLLC will participate in The 2021 Louisville Pride Festival

As a proud supporter of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ+) community, we are excited to announce our participation once again in The Louisville Pride Festival, which takes place Saturday, September 18. Located in the Highlands, this festival celebrates our diverse LGBTQ+ community and promotes acceptance of all people with family-friendly entertainment, arts-n-crafts, [...]

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Estate Planning for Domestic Partners in Kentucky

Myth- All states recognize common law marriage. Reality- As of 2021, only eight states still allow common law marriages to be formed, however, Kentucky is not one of them. Therefore, couples who purportedly entered a common law marriage are not offered the same legal rights and protections that legally married couples are provided.     Today, [...]

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‘99.5% ACT’ and what that could mean for Kentuckians

Senator Bernie Sanders (VT) recently proposed a bill titled “For the 99.5% Act”, titled such since it proposes to only tax the top 0.5% of wealthy individuals. If passed, the bill recommends major changes to the current estate and gift tax, which would have an effective date of January 1, 2022. One of the [...]

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COVID-19 Update: The Key Planning Documents Every Family Needs.

COVID-19 Update: The Key Planning Documents Every Family Needs. Especially Now The outbreak of COVID-19 represents a threat to both our physical and our emotional well-being. It reminds us that we live in an uncertain world. Proper planning allows us to take control of our personal and financial affairs now and in the future. In [...]

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Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community

  Supporting the LGBTQ+ community is important to me for two very personal reasons: my son and daughter. Through their eyes, their lived experiences, I have learned a lot in these last years. I couldn’t be prouder to be their father. For a very long time, the LGBTQ+ community has not been adequately served by [...]

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Pre-Deployment Checklists

For service members and their spouses, significant others, loved ones and trusted friends, we recommend using the following checklists before deployment to ensure you have completed paperwork needed during or after you/your service member deploys. You should also download our free Personal Records Organizer which will keep all relevant information in one place. Legal Matters [...]

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Why you should avoid joint titling of assets with adult children

Putting your adult child's name on your assets may seem like a good estate planning option and a good way to avoid probate, yet there are some very serious drawbacks to this approach.  Young adults are likely to be less responsible than their parents.  An adult child is also vulnerable to many life changes that [...]

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Trust Litigation

Trust litigation covers many different topics which may arise during the course of administering a Trust. If litigation becomes necessary or occurs in a Trust, you should seek appropriate representation with an attorney who has litigation experience, in addition to experience with the Trust itself. Below are some of the more common occurring areas of [...]

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How to Locate Assets of Deceased Individual

Life Insurance & Annuities The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has a NAIC Life Insurance Policy Locator Service on their website that assist individuals in locating life insurance policies and annuity contracts of a deceased family member or close relationship.  Once you fill out the request online, the NAIC will ask participating companies [...]

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Costly Mistake: Not Having a Last Will and Testament

In my seminars, speaking engagements and in one-to-one consultations with individuals, I am always addressing the issue of not having a proper estate plan, more specifically, a Last Will and Testament and its’ effect on your family and loved ones.  This month on “CBS This Morning - Eye on Money Series” with Jill Schlesinger – [...]

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