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“I moved to KY in 2017 from out of state, forced to embark on the process of restarting my life after experiencing several stressful life events in rapid succession. Not knowing anyone in Louisville, I relied on resources like Google to help me select various providers, including an estate planner. While I entered into many of these new arrangements with my eyes wide open, I was really taken by how easy it was to work with the Stone legal team. They provide a graceful mix of trustworthy competence and a quick compassionate grasp of the complexities of my particular situation. They listen and have worked effectively with me to achieve what appears to be an optimum solution for the successful execution of my future estate goals. I feel fortunate to have them as partners in my life.”

-Robert H.

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Estate Planning refers to the process in which you decide and document what happens to your assets after you die.

– Do you currently have a Last Will and Testament that is in accordance with your wishes and in conformity with the Commonwealth of Kentucky?

– Do you want the Commonwealth of Kentucky to decide who should receive your estate?

– Did you know that marriage or divorce will impact your Last Will and Testament?

– If you are in a domestic partnership in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, given the current laws, your significant other is not considered an heir to your estate. This problem can be cured with a properly prepared Last Will and Testament.

– Are there children from prior relationships?

– Are there special circumstances that need attention concerning a spouse, child or significant other?

– Depending on your specific circumstances and wishes, a Trust may be the best solution for you.

– Do you have a durable Power of Attorney so that someone can act on your behalf if you are no longer able to do so for yourself in order to avoid having the court appoint someone for you?

– Do you have a Living Will/Healthcare Directive so that you are not kept alive by life-prolonging treatment and artificially provided nutrition and hydration?

Estate Planning

Having your estate planning properly established and planned out provides comfort and security in knowing that your wishes will be met once the time comes that you can no longer express your wishes.

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Did You Know?

Unlike married couples, in the Commonwealth of Kentucky there are currently NO provisions under the law for Domestic Partnerships.The Stone Legal Group, PLLC can help you protect your partner.

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