Probate is the legal process for proving a Will valid or invalid, appointing an Executor, or if no Will an Administrator, and distributing estate assets according to the Will or the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Unfortunately, at some point in your life you will probably deal with the death of a spouse, family member, significant other or friend. Thus, they may have an estate that would need to be administered. If serving as the Executor or Administrator of an estate is overwhelming or not a task you want to undertake, Stone Legal Group, PLLC can take on as many or all of those duties as you wish.

There are many steps required at the local, state and possibly federal level that must be timely completed in order to properly settle one’s estate and distribute their assets according to the deceased’s wishes in accordance with state law. No two estates are alike. Our goal is to make the probate administration process as stress free as possible, no matter what the circumstances or the dollar value involved.

If Requested…

The Stone Legal Group, PLLC can help you take the guess work out of a administration of an estate in probate. Let us take the burden off your shoulders during your time of grief. The Stone Legal Group, PLLC can open your estate, handle filings, prepare documents, prepare estate taxes, liquidate assets, sell stocks, and assume other duties as required.

During estate planning, the Stone Legal Group, PLLC can also assist you with document preparation, act as the Power of Attorney, liquidate assets including the sale of stock, and perform other duties as needed.

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I've worked in the legal field for 30 years and I've known Tom Stone for more than 25 years. He has drafted estate planning documents not only for me but for family members and friends. He takes the time necessary to listen to his clients, to gather all of the information needed, and prepares high quality, professional estate planning documents that I know comport with my wishes and which I can rely upon to take care of my family. When people ask me for a recommendation for an estate planning attorney, I never hesitate to give them Tom's name.
Maxwell Shannon
Paralegal / LG&E-KU
Thomas Stone has always provided great service in our personal and professional lives. We highly recommend Mr. Stone for any legal need.
James Mulcahy
Owner / Wizard Graphics
Tom Stone has given me both personal and professional legal advice. When my mother became ill and needed to be put in a Nursing Home, Tom gave me advice about the necessary powers of attorney that we would need to both be able to administer her affairs and protect her finances.
Barbara Peper
Workers' Comp Claims Adjuster / KESA
Tom prepared a will for me. He made the process simple, quick and easy. I'm so thankful that its done and it's one less worry for me.
Donna Tribble
I had a very positive experience with the Stone Legal Group. Making out a Will can be very personal and at times emotional. Tom was very thorough and actually made it quite easy. I feel good that I have everything in place for my family for their future. Thank you Tom.
Lisa Bliss
Tom provided great insight and direction in multiple situations. He helped me navigate the administrators responsibilities for my father's estate. He explained different options for distribution of assets. Personally he helped to amend my Living Trust and other documents. His advice is non biased but thoughtful. I would and have recommended him to colleagues and friends.
Paula Bruggensmith
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